Friday, April 08, 2005

The Regina Maris

The Regina Maris was a 144 foot long, three masted barkentine owned and operated by the Ocean Research and Education Society (ORES). The Regina Maris was used to teach marine science to university students. I came aboard straight out of high school in July 1978 for a two month cruise to the Galapagos islands. I embarked at Balboa, the Pacific ocean entrance to the Panama Canal. At the end of the trip I decided to stay aboard as a deckhand. I remained aboard until late December 1978. We were anchored at La Paz, Baja California. Regina was on her way to Alaska to study Humpback whales.


Suze said...

I shared my life with this beautiful ship for 10 weeks in 1971 … Canary Islands to Ensenada, Mexico by way of the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Central America, and Mexico … it was heavenly ... I have no picture to share at this time, but if I can scan one I will send it to you.


Jim said...

I was aboard the Regina Maris in 1979 as a scientific advisor looking at humpback whales with Chuck Jurascz, Katy Payne and Roger Payne. We sailed from La Paz, Baja Mexico to the Isla Soccorro in the Revillagigedos Is. off Mexico and returned via Puerto Vallarta and the Tres Marias to La Paz. Excellent trip!

Alex said...

Jim, You must have come aboard Regina just after I disembarked. I left Regina between Christmas and New Years. We were docked in La Paz, Mexico. On the last trip we had sailed from Mazatlan around the Sea of Cortez and ended up in La Paz. That was a wonderful trip. We did a lot of beach combing and we found the skull of a sperm whale. The Sea of Cortez was gorgeous. We did some or our best sailing there.

Gary said...
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Wes Acee said...

I was on the Regina Maris in the early 80's documenting humpback whales in the breeding grounds of the Silver Banks northeast of Puerta Plata ,Dom.Rep..
What ever happened to Her ?
At the time an around the world trip was in the planning . This trip would take a year at a $30,000 cost per participant . I've often regretted not going!
Any info would be appreciated.

Alex said...

She was scuttled and sunk. Eventually she was broken up an her remains used to build a park.