Friday, November 21, 2008

Regina Maris group on Facebook

I have just run into a Regina Maris group on FaceBook. I have joined it and posted some of my Regina Maris photos there. Please join us and share your photos and stories of your time aboard Regina.


Eduardo said...

Hoy estaba sentado frente a mi PC y se me ocurrió darte una sorpresa en tu Facebook.
Pero ¡¡Oooppss!! -dado que no se puede publicar nada en tu muro de Facebook ...

... debo decirte que me quedé con las ganas de enviártela.

Era la portada de un
"Regina Maris Cruise Journal"

con una firma que dice algo así como:

"Sandro 29/12/78"

en la primera página.

Anyway (and sadly),

... vanishing squid?

Un abrazo.
El tío Eduardo.
Carrizal, jueves 26 de marzo 2009

Aileen Bordman said...

My cousin Harvey Oxenhorn wrote a wonderful book called 'TUNING THE RIG' and I believe his journey took place on the Regina is very sad as Harvey was only 38 years old when he passed away and it was around the time of his book launch ant NYTimes review - I really enjoyed reading about the Regina Maris at your blog - Aileen Bordman

Alex said...

Aileen, I am glad to her about you. I know about Harvey, I have his book. Its a real pity that he passed away in such a tragic way. Thanks for commenting on my blog.